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WIP. ⭐️⭐️✨💖

Anonymous asked: When you first heard of bjd did you with it had to do with blow jobs?

Wow ok so some people (on IG) actually think these are tapeworms.

Firstly, wtf
Secondly, WTF
thirdly, I AM VEGAN

Sure, I muck around a lot, say silly things about blood and tapeworms etc. But come on, is not not obvious that the things pictured are wefts of hair that are being coloured?

Where the fuck, how the fuck and WHY the fuck would I get tapeworms and put them in a bowl and colour them with semi permanent dye…?

It’s a joke dudes, like come on now.

Anonymous asked: There's no Halloween is Australia? ._.

There is, we just don’t go over the top with it and only the americanised kids go trick or treating (or whatever the fuck that is hHaa) and that’s only been happening in the last decade or so. Some people will tell you to fuck off if you come to their houses asking for lollies. I know I would if some creepy ass kids came asking for free sweets. Hhaa

Us older folk do have Halloween piss ups though, which are pretty fun sometimes.

Anonymous asked: Do your bjd's dress up for Halloween??

Nope lol, this is Australia 🙌

Daw skouty 💕💀


The birth of my son, kazeka 👶💀⭐️💖

WIP. (I honestly do not know what I was doing here, I was watching Dr. Phil and mindlessly gluing wefts on haha.)