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v e x x

Dunno who this kid is tho. v e x x ⭐️⭐️⭐️




This one’s for you, Tracy Lynn.


Okay, seriously, what the fuck.

Is she still behaving badly or are you people just in-fucking-capable of letting shit go? Because I haven’t seen her doing ANYTHING.

Agreed. Other then tell people to leave her alone Tracy hasn’t done shit. These people just can’t seem to move on in their lives and do something more productive with their time. But seriously people MOVE ON. Go outside and watch clouds if you have to. Just do whatever it takes to do something better with your lives then being what you hate “bullies”. Yes by spreading hate about someone who’s trying to become a better person instead of helping them I consider that to be bullying.

^ um wtf? She’s posted numerous rude negative confessions about me, made 2 blogs just to bag the shit out of me, she’s called me fat, ugly, immature and old, told me my dolls are fugly and I don’t “try” hard enough and I don’t deserve my “popularity”. She also said that I posted confessions about myself when in fact I have never once submitted any confession about my username to any confessions blogs. She also went to my my personal blog when I had my ask box turned off on this one, and told me my mother should have aborted me and that I should kill myself. She’s also racist and accuses people of not liking her bc she’s black. No one gives a fuck what colour she is, if you act like a cunt, expect to be treated like one. Simples.

She knows I have fucking depression and am on heavy meds yet she still does/did that shit. Which disgusts me.

Bitch gets what she’s spits.

⭐️Comet and his split-personality, Vexx.⭐️

Awww thank you all so much!!! You’re all extremely kind people and I appreciate so much that you took the time to message me (: ily 💚✨⭐️



Reminds me of comet! So cute :3



neverwanttobeperfect2 asked: BADDEST BITCH EVER!!

1 & 2: yes, dick heads couldn’t keep their mouths shut so there was drama, but apparently it was all caused by me because I said one little thing which was a mistake and then basic bitches couldn’t stop taking shit lol.

Kaney is getting his cannula back, I just need to make a new one bc the other one was super annoying to keep on his face. (:

3: awww thank you! ⭐️💜

4: thanks (: yes I agree, rampaging 12 year old shit skulls on there but I’m the immature one bc I’m sarcastic and rude. So glad I got confessions about me banned.