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Changed my vegan blog url to;

Plantgutz. Bc why the fuck not. 🙌🌿

Checkkkkkk iiitttttt

Anonymous asked: I fucking love kaney's hands.. Idk hands can be so attractive an his definitely are 😍👐


Anonymous asked: Yaoi photo please ;--;

S O O N 😏👊💦👅


[ I feel terrible 😞. Lucky I have Kaney to keep me company ]

For those that don’t know; Kaney has a twin brother named dieter and both of them beat the shit out of each other regularly.

My airbrush is broken

Fucken yay.


airi-egbert asked: I know it was a month or so back but you posted a picture of your hand bloodied up and tagged something along the lines of 'don't pick or bite your nails', I was just wondering if you might have dermatillomania or CSP?

Ahh I’ve never been diagnosed with anything like that, but I pick and bite my skin & nails a lot. Come to think of it, I have a lot of scars/un-healed scabs all over my body..I still have a scab on my back that will probs never heal or go away bc I’ve been picking it since I was 15. Shit, you just made me realise I need to go to the doctors.


I drew elfgutz doll Comet! (His old face up) I might paint it later

Awwwww! Qt!

odetominiatures asked: How long did it take for you to be a pro at faceups?

I’m not a pro at faceups, so never lol


Anonymous asked: Would it be okay to put my tumblr picture as one of your dolls with the watermark on? Or do i have to put credit in the bio?

No that’s fine, so long as the watermark is on there (: