DSC_0157 by SaikoXIX on Flickr.

Grumpy bear and sad girl on Flickr.

from wharf to wilds by R727

awkward valentine by elfgutz

Hhahaa remember this? XD
So I noticed your post about the bjd cosplay and how you don't permit it anymore. And I was wondering what you thought about people drawing your dolls? I've been trying to get better at more realistic drawing and I was wondering if I were to credit you or possibly even send you the original copy, if you would be ok with me drawing them? If not I completely understand. And I'm sorry about all the trouble you've been going through with people stealing/not crediting your photos.

Oh I love fan art :D
Drawings of my bjd’s always make me smile (:
If you want to draw them, then just put your drawing under the “elfgutz fan art” tag or “elfgutz” tag.

& I’d love for you to send me the drawing if you wanted to 😚😚😚

Kaney’s new form has finally been ordered(^O^☆♪

So I shall begin to turn my current Venitu in dieter (:

Hopefully he will work out well.